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My new Anvil , can you help ID it?

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Hey y`all
I got a anvil yesterday fro FREE! I`ve not found ANY markings on it . ITs a double and then somee of my Hf 110# so I figure its about 250 Pounds. I `ll post pictures tommorow. The face is Ok , there are 2 places on the edge (small places abot 1in. ) . Its been sitting in a barn for more than 40 years . I plan on putting it on my stump my 110# is on then building a metal frame for the 110#. I will post pictures tommorow . I have looked for markings but ain`t found one .
Thanks, Chris

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Congratulations Chris!

You might want to measure your new babies height before mounting it so it's at the correct height for YOU.

The old books say that should be knuckle height, standing next to the anvil. This was largely to take into account you'd have strikers available for heavy work.

More recent advice is wrist height. Either is better than higher or lower.

My newer, 200lb. Trenton is a bit lower than wrist height and my old one, 125lb Sodorfors is knuckle height. It's exactly backwards of how I should have them, the smaller more pristine anvil is set at striker height and the heavier, less pristine anvil is set at finish work height. :confused:

That'll change in the near future though, once I get to that entry on my list. Or I get a wild hair. :o

Happy hammering Chris!


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