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Blades ?

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I have a 10" craftsman band saw I would like to use to cut steal 5/8 x 5/8 1/2 X 1/2 what would you recommend. If I remember correctly it takes a 1x72 1/2 " blade. Will this saw even work ?   

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They make metal cutting blades for your saw but it wont hold up long cutting heavy stock or harder steels. It would work ok for sheet copper, small brass/bronze or mild steel. The big difference between woodworkers shop tools and machine shop tools is the motors. Woodworkers tools don't have sealed motors and the motors they do have don't like metal shavings getting inside!. I have an old Craftsman circa 1970s and I use it to cut light weight, non ferrous metal from time to time but for cutting steel stick with a chop saw or angle grinder/cut-off wheel. (or of course a proper metal cutting band saw but the other two options are generally less expensive)

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