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  1. Intro to Heat Treating

    Verry well could be I used a combination heat transfer oil and hydraulic fluid
  2. Intro to Heat Treating

    The blade was clean I heated to just past non magnetic three times trying to reduce temp each time the last heat I took just to non magnetic then quenched, then straght to oven. Im using coal so insted of scale could it be forge dust for lack of a better word? I was extra caucuses with the heat having had troubles in the past.
  3. Intro to Heat Treating

    First thank you for posting this info. Simple easy to follow easy to understand I just pulled my first properly heat treated knife out of the oven, secound heat. Yesterday when I quenched I went straght to the oven for 2 hr at 325. The scale that was on the knife baked in. Should I have cleaned before I went to the oven? How can I prevent this next time? I was able to sand most of it off but not all I'll get a pick after it cools
  4. We spun a few teeth off of a ring gear on a 742 wakashaw and it followed me home after replacing it I'll try to get some picks later so today I cut off a piece beat it out and quenched it. It I put it in a vice and snapped it. So now what? What am I looking far?
  5. Blades ?

    Dang that's what I was afraid of . It has a 5/8 motor 72 1/2 " blade but if the rpm are on it I can't find it. But I was discribe it as fast.
  6. Still learning

    A little better pick I took the cross in to work today to show it off. And a fellow tried to buy it for his wife. I gave it to him and told him to tell her happy birthday from me.
  7. Blades ?

    No sir mine is vertical. It was paw in law's I'm sure it's was made for wood
  8. Still learning

    I have some heat transfer oil I use
  9. Still learning

    It was a Nichols 1/2 round file
  10. I have a 10" craftsman band saw I would like to use to cut steal 5/8 x 5/8 1/2 X 1/2 what would you recommend. If I remember correctly it takes a 1x72 1/2 " blade. Will this saw even work ?
  11. Still learning

    I think I'm ready for the heat treat i built a filing jig, and I may have 30 minuets worth of filing.
  12. Still learning

    I agree I will never stop learning I just have to have a title to the thread I don't know anyone around here that dose black smithing. yall are all I got as far as feedback. Thank y'all by the way
  13. I don't get to forge every day.when I do it seams to come in spurts. I went two months without lighting a fire,to six sessions this month? My hamer striking is improving, I've learned you don't have to kill the iron. Solid, deliberate,and well placed is much more effective. Hooed of thunk it. Heat well heat is a hole deferent animal. I can't even count the number of projects I've burned up. I had a small knife hamerd out I had it all the way to heat treat. first two thermal cycles went well the thred wasent even put it back in the fire to even out the heat and lost half the knife. I said a few chose words then cut and stuck a piece of 5/8 x5/8 in the fire. what I think I need to do is build a bunch of these. I had to constantly stay on my heat expecaly once I had the tail drawn out. Funny thing I ended up spliting the end from working it to cold ( you just have to laugh) i did aneal another file and I'm working on another knife. I have it hamer do out and I'm doing the file work. If I get the time I hope to have it heat treated this weakend ?
  14. Demo for church youth

    Well done