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  1. The hen was on siting on 12. I have never cared for birds nasty little critters. But I have to say I've grown fond of them. Big George and little George stand gaurd over the flock. They set up on the premier and herd the girls in. When they come into the shop the girls will gather under the table and big George will stand between me and them. Rabits !!! now now your talking. I prefer wild rabbit to anything.
  2. We hatched out 8 this spring, we lost 3. Out of the 5 left we have 4 hens and a rooster. I already had 2 roosters, George and George so the new guy is looking mighty good for the pit
  3. I pulled a good one yesterday. I was working on som horseshoe hinges. My anvil has a verry fat horn. So I built a horn from 3/4 quarter round mild steal. The taper still wasn't small enough so I worked it down. I rolled my ends, I then I went to pull the horn out of the anvil, yea still hot!!! branded four fingers and my palm of my hand. Luckily like many of you I suspect my hands or verry leathered. I have some impression from the hamer marks on the tool but that all could have been much worse.
  4. If it wasn't for the eggs they would go good over the charcoal
  5. I have 11 chickens we free range. When I get time to work in the shop, they will come out and sit with me for a wile.
  6. This is red , he dosent give a hoot about forging. Hunting now that's a deferent story.
  7. Verry well could be I used a combination heat transfer oil and hydraulic fluid
  8. The blade was clean I heated to just past non magnetic three times trying to reduce temp each time the last heat I took just to non magnetic then quenched, then straght to oven. Im using coal so insted of scale could it be forge dust for lack of a better word? I was extra caucuses with the heat having had troubles in the past.
  9. First thank you for posting this info. Simple easy to follow easy to understand I just pulled my first properly heat treated knife out of the oven, secound heat. Yesterday when I quenched I went straght to the oven for 2 hr at 325. The scale that was on the knife baked in. Should I have cleaned before I went to the oven? How can I prevent this next time? I was able to sand most of it off but not all I'll get a pick after it cools
  10. We spun a few teeth off of a ring gear on a 742 wakashaw and it followed me home after replacing it I'll try to get some picks later so today I cut off a piece beat it out and quenched it. It I put it in a vice and snapped it. So now what? What am I looking far?
  11. Dang that's what I was afraid of . It has a 5/8 motor 72 1/2 " blade but if the rpm are on it I can't find it. But I was discribe it as fast.
  12. A little better pick I took the cross in to work today to show it off. And a fellow tried to buy it for his wife. I gave it to him and told him to tell her happy birthday from me.
  13. No sir mine is vertical. It was paw in law's I'm sure it's was made for wood
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