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Newbie forge.. opinions appreciated


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So I put my very first forge together. I have read a bunch, but obviously not enough as I need some opinions.. 

I wanted to start simple and work my way up instead of build something elaborate that didnt work.. So its refractory brick.. I have a blown propane setup that is using a hair dryer and 1 1/4 inch pipe.. The propane is going through a regulator and into a 3/8 copper pipe that goes into the side of the blower pipe and points down into the forge.. 

It seems like it is a great start but where the flame comes out of the pipe it is basically a clear to blue flame.. It ran for just a few minutes and i put a small piece of rebar in it. Within a minute or so it was red but only close to the opening and not at the end that was sitting under the blower.. 

My thoughts are this.. I have no exhaust, maybe that's the reason? The air volume is too much, but from a blow dryer? Pressure setting off on the propane? Or is it just designed wrong? I have seen other forges this size run these blower units.. I will continue to try things but thought you guys could lend an idea..

Btw.. this is not the end phase of this forge.. I just wanted simple at first to start with and then only change one thing at a time..



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Good Morning,

You need to put more information in your Avatar, like where are you making a shadow? You need to find someone close to you, not your keyboard to help you.

Your 3/8 copper pipe needs a restriction, to create pressure. Solder in a brass fitting like a mig-tip.

I have used a Forge like yours for quite awhile, before I went for a better set-up. It needs more gas and less air, put a reostat on/in the hair dryer plug junction box. Bricks take 20 minutes or more to come up to temperature. Experiment and stay safe!!!


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