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I Forge Iron

Hello, I am new and seeking information.

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Hello, my name is Matt and I am a student at Clemson University and an aspiring metalworker. I have very limited experience, I attended the Fine Arts Center of Greenville SC back in 2002, but have a strong desire to learn old methods of smithing and metal shaping. The work I did at the Fine Arts Center was all small scale jewelry work but my aspirations where always to one day work metal as they did in times of old. I was hoping that someone on the forum may have some advice as to how to begin my journey as well as possible blacksmiths in the upstate that may be seeking an apprentice/gopher that may be willing to allow me to observe and learn. Thanks and any information is welcome.

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Welcome to the forum, you came to the right place, all the info you need is here and when you don't understand something then feel free to ask away.
First thing you need to do is set up a forge, find an anvil or something that works as one and then get a hammer and some tongs then start learning, the rest will come along as you go.


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i will be at Ashtabula Historic House this weekend in Pendleton this weekend for an encampment you are more than welcome to stop by and check it out ill be the guy with the forge going beating on hot metal.

There are actualy a few smiths in this area about 6 or 7 that i can think of drop me an email or call me @8649343229 and i can put you in contact with a few other smiths in the area.

if you want to come by ashtabula you can get the directions and such here Pendleton Historic Foundation, Historical Houses the encampment will be saturday 10 to 5 and sunday noon to about 4.

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