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Champion 400 Serial # question


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After the previous thread and seeing the beautiful restoration of a Champion 400, I got the bug to start fiddling with mine a bit again.  I had never noticed until I got some of the grime off but they do have a serial number on the top of the casing (flat spot on the removable top to the crankcase in case yours is grimy also).

I was wondering if anyone had a way to decode information from the number or if there is some reference out there to help use that to narrow down a production date/decade.

Mine reads "No 649509".  Would also be curious what other's have just to see what the range is or possibly make a guess that the last 2 digits might be year.

Sorry, no way to include a photo as it's hard to see by eye and I had to chase a magnifying glass as it is.

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I was able to take a photo of the serial number on mine.I was able to take a photo of the serial number on mine.

”No 384627

The picture here isn’t great but I think that’s the best when I’m able to take. I tried using chalk to bring out the numbers better, but it looks like they just worked stamped deep enough.


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