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Need Help Identifying Blacksmith Tools...

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Cleaned up all my hardies and a 146# PW, and these are the ones I do not know what they are, or used for. Any help from the blacksmiths out there would be great. Please refer to them by the number when replying so I know what one you are talking about. All of the pictures can be seen at:

Photos 1, 2, 3, 4

HPIM0974-large.JPG HPIM0984-large.JPG HPIM1000-large.JPG HPIM0999-large.JPG

cbl4823 - ANY IDEAS?

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Just did a search for blacksmith bob and cup, nothing comes up. Do you know what they are used for? I was told by one person it was a countersink, and also was told it is used to put dimples on metal. Do they go together or seperate?

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I picked up an old piece of large plumbing steel last night, it's the connical cover for a rod that actuated a valve---I'm using it as a cone mandrel.

The pieces are used for whatever the smith needs them for. Two smiths might use them for radically different items. In general I call things swages, hardy tools and usefull shapes.

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