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An Eventfull Day


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My wife Cookie, got a hand operated yarn ball winder, she asked me to wind some skeins of yarn into balls while she is in the hospital.

Picture me at my puter desk in the basement designated smoking/woodshop/yarn winding area, with the skein dropped into a small cooler with the winder fastened to the slide out keyboard rest and 2 cats an older one and a kitten helping. Older one kept jumping into the cooler and grabbing the skein as it unrolls, kitten is jealous and keeps biting older cats tail and grabbing it with it claws, then sets up on hind legs and slams lid shut on older cat, occassionally getting older cats head between bottom and lid. My shirt front was wet from the tears from laughing so hard and I had to stop often to LMAO at their antics. Older cat growling at little kitten while inside the cooler has dog scared to death there is a tiger or a lion after it. Like Cookie said with 2 cats anything can happen.

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sounds like you need an umbrella swift to put the skeins on while you wind balls.

I remember when my wife was 9 months pregnant her spinning laying flat on the bed with one leg hanging over to treadle the spinning wheel. We were counting loops in her skeins in the hospital when she was in labour too. Sigh my youngest left for college last fall.

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