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Larry Looks Good Is ;that Your New Anvil?

No that's the HF Russian sub. I should be ordering my new one first of next month. If I ordered it now, I'd be totally broke until then. Not a place I like to be!

years ago when I used to rework picks for the RR section gangs, some time 50 or more at a time, I just quenched them when they were a dull red, one of my competitors used to do them, but he got them too hard and they broke and chipped bad. FWIW

Do you think trying to use it having only normalized it will leave it too soft, liable to bend when hammered on?
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Speaking of Russian subs, does HF still stock the 110#er? I heard they were no longer imported, but strange as it may sound, I still want one! :)

I think they are discontinued. I started calling stores in an ever increasing radius from home and found 3 in a store (Vineland NJ) +-50mi away. Best part, they were $56.95 each. I bought one. It would be worth a try from where your at. You'll need the HF # for the anvil. They are usually under the shelf somewhere, they can tell if they have in stock with the part number. I think I found the part number in a Google search. Good hunting! MIKE

Frog's Dad
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