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Inhection heating for heat treating blades

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It would seem you could use induction heating to control and to adjust the temperature of the metal over a period of time. Instead of putting a piece of metal into a bucket of ashes or insulating media, you could allow it to cool over a set number of degrees per hour, or set the temperature to hold at a certain level.

It would seem to have possibility of being very accurate (minus the power company fluctuations).

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Biggest thing these ovens now have going for them is the digital timers... They can "soak" the metal at the required temps, then "ramp" up or down at set intervals and temps.... Only problems they have is price and shape...

Unless you need this type of equipment in your work, (or, as I do, also do glass work!), the price will probablt precluse you using one....

Just a note, many folks have great results using the old tried and true methods.... ;)

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