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i have tried and tride with craigslist for a few years and finaly an anvil has bean located and there asckin $400
i can proly work the price down if need be of if its a steel ill just go with it

"the anvil measures 26" from tip of horn to the other end, so much rust hard to make out logo call for more details if interested, just estimating about120#"

please let me know any info you can derive from theese photos

anvil-4.jpg anvil-5.jpg anvil-7.jpg

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To me very little; to you: ?????

I would expect US$2 a pound to be a decent price with US$3 a pound to be ok if you really needed it *and* it tests out as being in good condition, (hasn't been softened in a fire or has delamination issues)

US$1 a pound is a "bragging price"

As you can tell you *really* need to know the real weight of it and remember as a US made anvil it is NOT marked with the CWT system but in pounds!

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Tetnum, it is a Trenton anvil , they are very good anvils . I use a 200 lb Trenton as one of my shop anvils . At 400 dollars , it is not a steal , however if you have been searching for an anvil for years what is 400 dollars in the cosmos ? Get it if you want it . Good luck , Forgeman

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