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Need some help with identification

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This anvil belonged to my great great grandfather and has been in our family since approximately the 1930’s. He was a blacksmith by trade. My father grew up on a farm in austell, ga with a working blacksmith shop that we have retained many of his tools.  My dad recently started trying to find the origin of this anvil and I wanted to see if some of the experts on this site could lend a hand.  It weights 78.2 lbs, on one side has the numbers 0,  2 or 3, 25 or 35,    On the other it appears to read the London Sheffield.  Any help would be appreciatedCBAEAB00-E8B6-49B4-A4C1-127FEA0C8B14.thumb.jpeg.feb16b11f18579a9636fc09063b70081.jpeg







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There were a lot of anvil makers in the UK back in the day.  There is a good chance you may never find a maker, unless you can find their name on the anvil.

But...  Those are some big stamps for the weight.  That may be a specific maker's style.  Maybe someone has an anvil with similar stampings and a legible makers name.  You may find the answer you're looking for.


BTW-  0 x 112 + 2 x 28 + 1 x 25 = 81 lbs.  It is Englishh stone weight.

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I’m guessing (and I mean seriously guessing) that it is a Sanderson made in Sheffield.  It clearly says “Sheffield” on the lower portion, but the name above is tough.  I think it ends with “son” and Sanderson was a family of anvil makers in Sheffield.  The slightly larger “X” to the left of the lettering should be a clue but I need to go to bed no matter how much I enjoy doing the historical research.

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I had to go a do more research.  It’s fun to dig through history!  Anyway, I changed my mind based on about two hours of reading.  I’m running with Thomas Ibbotson.  He made anvils among other things.  I found a draw knife online with his marking and it is “THOS(?)IBBOTSON”.  I wasn’t certain of the “S” but it fits with what you have nearly perfectly.  I’ve never heard of that maker before now and I’m willing to bet he may not even be in Anvils in America.  Cool.  It is definitely rare.  Just don’t assume that means it is priceless.  


Enjoy your anvil!  I found that the little bit of history I got on my Isaac Hill made me love it just that little bit more.



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