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What is this anvil?

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I have scoured the internet looking for something with some similarities and i have only found a couple and they only had minor things in common and none of them were close enough to say they were same make or even close to the same area of manufacturing. The ones you seen in Sheffield how similar were they? Was it just the dovetail they had in common or the whole body and horn?      Its not a huge deal if i dont find anything in the same ballpark but it would be nice.  Alan Longmire from bladesmithsforum.com says he knows of one very similar but is unable to get any pictures. The one he knows of has an octagon groove in it for making gun barrels.

I still have to go and get it. Its about a thousand miles away but i think it is worth every penny i have into it so far not including the trip to get it. I paid $750 for it. Its 200lbs.  Im going to get it the weekend of april 12th. When i get it home i will have a whole lot more pictures. 

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Its a cutler's anvil and there are many different variations. A fellow on ebay had a very similar one for sale for several months. 

The anvil fire gallery has one that has a few more slots for tooling. If you look on youtube for Alfred Craven Sheffield knife maker (Blade forger) you can see

a cutlers' anvil in action.

if you do a google search for iforgeiron cutlers anvil you'll find more like this-


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