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here's a nice little habit I'm trying to get myself into that I believe will be nothing but beneficial, I aim to always carry a notebook, or just a small notepad on me and a pencil to sketch out or write down ideas, I know there are a lot of ideas that are amazing that I've forgotten simply because I didn't write them down, have a designated pocket for it and the moment you get an idea, write it or sketch it, I think keeping it in as few words as possible might make it either easier to remember or improve on since you wouldn't be constricting yourself to a certain idea, unless that's what you'd want. 

Also another good use for a notebook is writing down goals and when you want to have them accomplished, I learned that one from a speech I heard some years ago, I think the coach for the Icelandic handball team uses this and in 2005 or something he simply drew a medal and wrote 2008 on it, that year during the olympic games we won silver so I believe it works

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I teach to carry a 3" X 5" spiral note book (it will slip in a shirt pocket) to make notes and sketches when at conferences or demonstrations.  When I started I tried to carry an 8 1/2 X 11 graph paper note book but I found that I would leave it in the truck and would not have it with me (to cumbersome to carry all the time).  Now I teach to carry the little note book in your pocket and make quick notes and sketches, then when you get home transfer those notes and sketches onto the graph paper.   You will not be as rushed so will transfer better notes and the graph paper helps make sketches to scale.

Make a work book (note book)!  Any time you make something new write down the original stock you started and then step by step how you made it.  Later when you want to make that again you don't have to figure it out all over again.  It also helps to take pictures.  I have taken pictures of projects for years. Then years later I would be looking through the pictures and say,  "I didn't remember making that!:"

Let me know if I can help you.


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Nowadays, it seems that everyone has a smartphone (I still use my flipper) and they use them extensively to photograph demos.  I don't have a problem with that except for occasional abuse of the practice.  Lately at some demos, the smartphone photo enthusiasts tended to run up and cluster around the demonstrator so that the rest of the spectators were left looking at their backsides....ARGGGHHH!!!!  It would be kind if the demonstrators could suggest beforehand that those wishing to take photos consider the other spectators, possibly pausing for photos, then resuming after those folks finish photographing.

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