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Just bought this parker.  I don't know anything about these. Original color? Any way to date?  I have the original jaw inserts( they look absolutely brand new) but not the pipe inserts. Weighs 175.5 lbs.  Sitting on a 420lb. anvil and it makes the anvil look kinda small to me. Might have to get a bigger anvil!:D  No slop, jaws align.  Enjoy!



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 I have a couple of Parker vises, but neither are in  good a shape as that one.  The deep throat and relatively narrow jaws are handy for certain things.  Great score ! What did you pay for that beauty ?


# 88 1/2  with 4 3/4''  wide jaws.


#102 with 3'' jaws

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Ah man I was hoping nobody would ask me what I paid. Let me just say this, a friend of mine who I bought it from let me spend 3 days using his lathe and bridgeport style mill to make some stuff for free. When he asked me if I was interested in buying it I didn't argue with his price. He lets me come and use his equipment if I have something to make that I can't do in my tiny shop. Most of the time it only costs me a lunch.☺ I thought it would be a cool tool to add to the Arsenal!

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