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new member, anvil id, info

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I'm looking to get started as a hobby and maybe tinkerer.  I've been browsing the Forum as a non-member and decided I needed to join because there is an amazing amount of information and wisdom on here. 

My first question to you all would be an Anvil identification. Apparently my great-grandfather lugged this thing out of an Old Logging Camp up in Maine. Using the Anvil beginners  guide,  I concluded that it's probably a cast iron with a piece of steel Steel welded on top.



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You have a nice old Fisher anvil, possibly made in Maine but don't quote me on the Maine part. A member here from New Jersey knows a thing or two about Fishers so bank on his info.

Everyone is going to want to know your general location so add that by your username in your header. You might want to wire brush that anvil to get the old paint and crud off but thats it, no grinding, sandpaper, etc. A fine shiny finish to the face is achieved by directly applying red hot steel and massaging with a hammer.

Cheers & welcome to IFI.

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You have a very rare Snub Nosed anvil there.  Snub Nosed anvils had no tips on their horns and were used for carry conceal blacksmithing :D  Just kidding!

On a serious note, the face (top of the anvil) is all there and seems to be in good condition.  That's the important spot where all the work is done.  You could forge a bick for your hardy hole that could serve as replacement for the missing horn tip.  Take a wire wheel on an angle grinder and clean off all that winter camo paint and it should forge just fine.  Show us pictures when you get her all cleaned up and ready for service.

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