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Just to say thanks


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So, i have not posted much becuase all my questions so far have been asked several times. Yall got a whole bunch o' information here and for that i say thank you very much. It is very kind of you guys that have been doing this for years to share your wisdom and knowledge. Even the new guys who make their mistakes and get corrected i have learned from. But if i learn half of what many of yall have forgotten i will be well on my way. 

A special thanks to Frosty for just a small side comment. Went something like " i have one burner design i wish would be removed from the internet" It was the one with the lamp screw thingy for adjustment. It has been cold and nasty here, week before last below 0 last week in the 50's but muddy and rainy, so i have been stuck inside. I decided to try and build a propane burner and was going to try the one with the lamp thingy. Glad i read the comment before my build. But thanks to everyone i now have a proficient burner that just needs a good box.  That will come this week i think, cold, snow, ice, i may not be out side to much this week. Need something to do other than drink beer. 

Also thanks for no politics, cant stand how all my favorite sites have been highjacked by politics. 

Again, thank yall, stay safe, stay warm and may the good Lord bless you. 

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You are getting to the SOFA meetings? For 15 years we would drive over from Columbus OH...

(and: "I have not posted much because all my questions so far have been asked several times. " <---- This one's a trouble maker---he has to be *different*!   Thanks for being the exception to the general rule.  I hope to meet you at Quad-State this fall.)

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