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Have just recently purchased this pullmax nibbler/punch at a most reasonable price. The problem is however, I have no idea how it works or how one actually uses it or what are its full range of applications.
The internet research I have done has not been that fruitful, but I am sure that someone on this forum will point me in the right direction. It is a Pullmax P2/5 and from what I have read is a most desirable machine to have. An instruction booklet, not a manual, is available from a company in the UK at a price almost equal to what I paid for the machine. I have ordered it but until its arrival, is there anyone who could perhaps say a few, or many, words about this machine.
Thanks, and please have a look at the picture in my gallery because for reasons unbeknown to me I am unable to download thumbnail pics in the message section

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Hi Glenn,
Thanks for taking the trouble you have regarding this post of mine.
It does appear to me as though there is a problem of sorts with my computer as I am no longer able to post pictures on this forum or photobucket. When I try uploading on this forum or photobucket, the normal download proceedure is followed,yet no picture appears where they are supposed to appear. I do not have enough computer knowledge to pursue the matter so that is that. Thanks for your help anyway and oh yes... there was nothing in my private message box other than those things that were there prior to this infuriating problem which has recently just surfaced.

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You've got a great machine for doing decorative sheet metal work. And that's "besides" the basic nibbling and punching operations.
Maybe you could also show some of the tooling that you got with it, and we can discuss their applications.
A lot of the tooling you'll want to make yourself. To do specific operations like dishing and "running lines".
here's an example:

somewhere I've got a photo of some tooling that I made. I'll find it and put it in my gallery. AND post it with this reply.
congrats on getting an awesome tool. I'm GREEN with envy. :)

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Thanks awfully for your message. I have just this minute sent you a private message, before I saw your post but immediately after I saw your photos,so now you will understand what is going on. I look forward to exchanging ideas and gleaning the knowledge you have,
There was little tooling with the machine, but it is in perfect working order and I paid the equivilant of $250.
I am so impressed with the leaves in your picture and when I saw it, I thought:"what a coincidence...someone else with a Pullmax machine" Ha ha
If you send me an email address, I will send a pic of the machine and you can comment accordingly.
My kind regards,

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my pleasure, Kevan. The good thing is that you can make all your tooling. I think it takes 5/8" sq. stock. I'd suggest some tool steel :D.
the tooling I showed is somewhat basic. I've seen tooling that was shaped like a small leaf (both top and bottom) and with that ........you are able to do "clusters" of leaves VERY FAST. Which is great if your doing.........a 3D tree on a gate(etc.).......enables you to do large clusters of leaves that are then cut out and welded to your branches.

I thought I was Green with Envy before............I heard how much you paid :o
that was a DEAL.
I found one years ago for $500.......thought no one knew about it....so I dragged my feet for a few days............MISTAKE. That weekend I went into the shop I worked at......saw IT standing there in the shop. YIKES......I was in shock....someone else had found it....bought it and drove it over and sold it to my boss for $2250 if my memory is correct. I learned a valuable lesson ......NEVER.....leave a DEAL. NEVER.

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here's a link to a site with some info.

C. Cook Enterprises - Pullmax Machines

Wish I'd have found this before I made a lot of the tooling. :D
Look under Pullmax machine.......for Pullmax dies and accessories. That should give you some ideas for making your own tooling.

I also did a search on Ebay for pullmax. might be a source for a manual. There was one for $45, but it was for a P9.

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Thank you Bob and Bill for your input.

my_012.jpg my_015.jpg
Please look at the front of the machine and observe that the lever arm at the top is missing. This lever it would appear sets the stroke or similar for the tooling. I need to get that sorted out so any comments from you would be appreciated.

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Although I am a little late on this thread I also use a pullmax .... actualy a trumpf. A similar machine but has many superior features.

I have some info on other items that can be made in a nibbler.


This spindle is made entirely with a pullmax P5.

My nibbler is my bread and butter machine I use it for a lot of applications.


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