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First Feather Pattern Forge Welding

jeremy k

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This is a piece I forge welded back in about 2014. I can't remember how many layers I started with but it's made with 1084 and 15N20.

I forge welded the starting billet with a mini press I made w/ an air over hydraulic cylinder. This was a test to see how the mini press would work forge welding. Yes it was doable but 2 squeezes only before the heat was sucked out of it by its slow speed. After being slit down the center with a dull chisel form -  the slit was forge welded back together by hand on the anvil. I then cut a small piece off and drew it out by hand on the anvil to what you see here. I still haven't decided what to do with it but have enough left on the billet to make a few more pieces this size or try for a longer section by using a thicker piece to start with before drawing it out. - I need to revisit this feather pattern more in the future.

feather pattern.jpg

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