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hardy tool size and use for rail plate


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Hi, I got this tool at a farm sale, it was octagonal and mushroomed at the hammer end, not sure its original purpose.  It was too large for my hardy, so I ground it square to fit.  the question is what size hardy should I get.  the finished tool is 1.1 inches across the squares it is just loose enough that it will not get stuck in the hole.  the upper end of the hardy seems to be work worn or radiused so that it is about 1.2 inches.  Will 1 inch hardy tools work fine?


also, I have a rail plate that I thought I'd use for chiseling and generally protecting the anvil face.  seems springy and not sure it is the best tool.  what else can be done with it?  are the spike holes useful to stake?  If so, how to secure it?forge42.thumb.jpg.0c37e6853007de56356a69e1c969436b.jpg

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Does not matter what its former use was. What can you make it do for you, in your shop?

RR nail plates:  Get 9 of those nail plates and weld them together into a 3x3 grid. Instant light weight acorn platen. The rr spikes can then be used as the dogs or platen tools.

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Weld flat side down (ridges up) then flip it over for a smooth working surface. 

As long as your building a acorn platten, go a little larger and build a work table from the plates. Add bracing to the under side of the table with channel, angle iron, etc so it will not sag with heavy use. Single plates make nice feet at the bottom of table legs. Large footprint (feet) will not sink into the ground. 


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