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Garden Gate Flora

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The Garden Gate that I am working on has lots of scroll work but I wanted to add a floral motif on each end. These two flower and leaf assemblies will be welded on each side next to the scrolls.  I used two 12 inch pieces of round stock and a pre-cut flower blank for each piece.  I first used a texturing hammer to break the surface of the stock. I then forged a leaf on both ends of one piece of stock with a tapered stem on each end. I did the standard technique for chiseling in the leaf veins and sinking the leaves into a wood block depression.  I then nicked the bar about 2/3 of the way down the piece of leaf stems and bent the two leaves together slightly off center. The other rod was cut down to 10 inches and a tenon was forged on one end using a Smithing Magician in order to affix the flower petal blank. I first textured the flower blank using the peen of my hammer and then used a ball peen hammer to rivet the tenon onto the stem rod.  The two pieces were then wired together with baling wire to hold them together for a forge weld. After the leaves and flower stems were welded together I heat the assembly to orange, clamp it in the post vise and use scrolling tongs to bend every piece into as naturalistic shape as I can manage. Each assembly is then power wire brushed and then brass brushed while hot to give the forging work brass highlights. I finish with a clear spray acrylic. 


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