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Meat Cleaver dimensions?

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Hi all!

I am getting ready to make my first meat cleaver. I have been searching for a couple of days now to try to find rough dimensions on the blade geometry and cant find any good info (or I am reading things wrong). I know that the spine should end up 3/16"-1/4" thick but how much taper towards the bevel should it have? 

What I am planning to make should be about a 7" cutting edge by about 4-5" tall. Thanks in advance to any help!



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Western ground cleavers get a 'cannel' grind. 

Refer to this entry, to get a figure of the cannel grind. (the middle of the page on the left side.)


Also try this, article,


Oriental cleavers are made to slice, (e.g. meat, vegetables etc.) They are flat ground or hollow grind. Such Chinese cleavers are razor sharp.

As Senor Charles has stated, they are used like Occidental chef's knives.


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