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Advise on hammered finish


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Hi all,

I like that look on a knife. But I have concerns applying it:

1. The metal moves and "compresses" under the hammer blows. Will the blade bend/twist like when forging the bevel?

2. Does this introduces stress into the steel, that might cause cracks or deformations later? (especialy during heat treatment)

3. How about applying the hammered finish COLD (before hardening)? It's easier (sort of), but will it do harm?

Any advice on technique will be appreciated.


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I'm not an expert on this subject, but here's my $0.02. 

Yes, you are moving metal and thus introducing stress in the steel, just like every other part of forging the blade. That's why we normalize and all that good stuff. A picture is worth 1,000 words, yet again. What do you mean when you say "hammered finish"? Here's a couple pics of two types of what I would consider a "hammered finish" (neither of which could be achieved cold).



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Hi Lyuv,

I'm not a knife guy but I do make knives time to time. So here it is what I think/know about your questions:

1.Yes the blade will move/bend. That's why I don't do the hammered finish at the end but while I do the major shaping. Actually I don't DO the hammered finish I just leave it uncorrected.

2. If you forge the blade at correct heat you don't damage the steel. And stress relieving HT is something I don't want to forget when the forging is done. 

3. You don't want to hit tool steels cold. It damages the material, and if you're not lucky flying pieces of broken steel may damage you.


I made this knife for a costumer who wanted very rough hammered texture with minimal grinding:


Hope I could help you but if you have any further questions I try my best to answer them :) (Not to mention the folks here actually knowing things about knife making ;) )




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