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Working on tuning my "T" burner


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Good Evening All,

Funny thing, making a "T" burner with a 1" pipe does not sound like that big of a burner until you see the flame coming out of it. I have some photos taken w/o the light on at 5, 10, 15, 20 and 30+/- PSI. I am using a .045 tip that is almost nose to the burner pipe end of the "T". I was trading  messages with Frosty and I have achieved true wisdom because I know that I know, well, nothing. Please take a look at these and while I assume the lower PSI flames to be richer in Oxygen and the higher PSI to be richer in propane I know again that I got no idea. I am trying to get the feel for what is a good flame for forge welding since my nephew wants to do some pattern welding. Lets face it, what red blooded 15 year old boy would not want to make some steel they can etch and say "Yup, I done that".  

30 PSI.jpg

20 PSI.jpg

15 PSI.jpg

10 PSI.jpg

5 PSI.jpg


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Looks pretty good, a BIT rich but close. When we say Rich or Lean that refers to the fuel air ratio using the amount of fuel as the meter. Rich is more fuel, lean is less fuel, neutral is a flame that consumes fuel and oxy completely, "stoichiometric" in pro parlance.  The flame can't be "rich" in oxygen in the way we use the term and I can't think of anywhere rich is used to describe the oxidizer. Same way more water isn't dryer. ;)

What I'm seeing is a bunch of gunk getting burned out of the tube and bell reducer you're using for the nozzle flare. I LIKE the look of the 5 psi. and 20 psi. flames and the others not so much. Don't jump to conclusions now, there's so much spread between what I think LOOKS appealing it turns into my example of how looks can be deceiving. In general the higher the psi the leaner the ratio but it's a pretty flat curve.

I'd pull the jet back about 1/16" and test again AFTER I ran that long enough to burn out the gunk making the orange flames and sparkles. 

Have you put it in a forge? Unless you're going to heat things in open air you should be tuning it in the forge. 

Is it LOUD? It should be roaring like a jet taking off though the bell reducer "flare" can soften things considerably. It looks pretty good and you have plenty of adjustment to lean it out to your liking.

Well done.

Frosty The Lucky.

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