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Pricing anvil ?

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How do you price anvils ? I am buying a 373lb anvil a 1927 Soding-Halbach einhorn anvil and I got to thinking how do the prices get decided. Now I am happy with the price I am paying for it so that really is not the question but  just curious on how it is done. So say I decided to sell my 187lb original PFP military issue anvil how would I decide a price on that one. it is in excellent condition 95%plus rebound rings like xxxxx when not fastened down and not a scratch or chip or anything on it any ware. It has been estimated to be built around 1910 and also thought to be military issue because of the numbers stamped in it.  It is not for sale but it is a beautiful anvil that everyone that has seen and used it with me has asked to buy it from me but hell no. The 373lb anvil I am buying is in amazing condition also like my PFP.

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The general thought is anvils today are based on these factors weight, condition, maker, and location. The truth is some people like to say 3-6 dollars a pound but that doesn't really hold true I normally say an anvil is what someone will pay for it so if you decide to sell see what that maker recently has sold for and that weight set a price higher then you are willing to sell it for and worse case you can lower the price.

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On November 24, 2017 at 5:27 PM, Irondragon Forge & Clay said:

Depends on condition, location and how bad the seller wants it gone.

$2 a pound it will sell fast.

$3 a pound it probably would sell.

$4 a pound and it would take longer.

$5 a pound and it may take forever.

Also depends on what "it" is. Being a London or German pattern is usually a big plus for a lot of people. Being in good condition is a big plus for everybody. The more you think about very generic questions such as "how do you price an anvil", the more factors you will dig up. There is no "THE way" for pricing anvils, but if you look up a *SOLD* listing for a similar anvil on eBay, You will see what a similar anvil at a particular time sold for to a particular person in a particular location.

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Trying to set some sort of standard price for a particular second hand anvil is pointless. Like any other object that is no longer bound by the equations of cost + profit at the factory door, a secondhand thing is just offer and demand. 

And the biggest factor is location. I have seen large lumps of rust with no marks from manufacturer or weight, a missing horn asking price $1000. 

Interest in anvil prices paid, to be paid, or for future reference in case it will be sold is a very common yet very strange behaviour.  It seems to happen a lot after the fact ... it goes like this ... I bought an anvil XYZ paid $354. How much is this anvil worth? ... well ... by definition your anvil is worth ... $354 

Usually with tools just like with cars, when you buy a tool, you make an instant loss. Why? Because you buy retail and you are not a dealer. Sure, some stories about someone buying a $3000 German anvil for $234. Yep. it may happen one day, usually not to me. 

Tools are to be used to make something. If people develop the hobby of buying and selling for profit I wish them the best of luck but in that case, I suggest to develop an acute sense of smell to sniff out bargains because the money is made when you buy and not when you sell.  

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