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Origami style crane

Joel OF

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No forge work in this but an enjoyable job anyhow. Hitachi maintain the local high speed trains & got in touch to commission an origami style red crested crane for their 10 year anniversary of providing the service. Pretty tricky as it goes to make an anatomically accurate & interesting origami style animal from sheet steel, but chuffed with how it turned out. Very tight deadline so designed, fabricated, weatherproofed & installed within 14 days. Featured on local news last night & supposedly I got a mention as they had a filmed press unveiling, but I missed it.


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Hi Joel- Very well done you indeed. A superb example of artisanal 'smithing at its best. It looks truly stunning. The two rails it is mounted on are a nice touch.

 I do hope its well fastened down to prevent it flying away. Can you tell us all the processes you executed to produce the piece?



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Thanks gents. Though as discussed in another thread you mean RR "dogs", Frosty :D

Pretty simple stuff really; make scale model from card, (complete fluke that it ended up 25cm and the brief was for a 1m tall bird) disassemble, photocopy & enlarge, trace around, cut out, half cut/score the fold lines, bend cold, fill with weld, grind to suit. Blasted zinc sprayed and white vinyl spray painted at the finishers, black and red added at the workshop by hand. Pegged down with square head coach screws. Completely private & secure area so no chance of theft or vandalism.


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