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I Forge Iron

Hello from southwest Florida

Rich B

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I just joined the forum. Made a charcoal forge with brick and play sand . I am using a hair dryer blower . yesterday was my first time forging. Forge worked pretty well. I made a coal rake and then destroyed some 1/2 rebar trying to make tongs. Learned a few things and had a blast.I am using a 66 pound steel anvil on a tree stump courtesy of hurricane Irma. All the stumps and wood you want..

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When you get home, here is some light reading ,with pictures ;-)

This should help you improve your forge, and it's fuel consumption. This brings you up to Iron Age to Viking era charcoal forges. Your "temperary" set up becomes as effecent as any "perminant set up this way. If you want a quieter, more Zen air supply try a 3/4" schedual 40 tuyere and a double action bed pump. Plenty of air for a charcoal forge. $10 and when the next hurricane knocks out the power...



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Thank you all for the welcome and advice. I really like the bellows stone design. I went looking for a manual pump or electric but my local wally world has empty shelves still from the hurricane. I'll try the one in fort myers. Its a larger store.  The hair dryer works great but waste fuel and draws a lot of electricity. 

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7 hours ago, Rich B said:

I may just have to make one myself. Hmmm. That certainty would be perfect with a bellows stone design. I spotted pallet wood and wood fencing along the road for pickup....

Ahhh... blacksmith road kill.:)

I like your anvil, easy to move and transport to hammer ins.

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