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Champion 400 fire pot date help

Lex Hogan

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I just got a Champion 400 fire pot and tuyere. All of the pictures I can find show a patent date like the one pictured. Mine has the No 400 in the center and no patent date. The lettering on the bottom is too eroded away to fully read but I can make out enough to know it is for sure a Champion. Unfortunately I cannot currently post a picture. 

My question is, does this mean mine is pre 1907? Any help is appreciated. 


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Mr. Hogan,

I suggest that you try the United States Patent Office site. (USPTO) and search in the table of assignees. Look for the name champion and scan the listings for about

!900 to about 1926 or so. Check out the cited patent numbers that look like what you are searching for. Use the patent number to search for that patent, on the same site. It will show you the first page and usually the claims at the back of that patent.

If that is not enough, try Google patents, (using the patent number) for the whole patent document. If my memory serves me, Google may have a list of assignees, too. If so, then do all the searching on Google.

U.S. patents had a life time of 17 years from the date of issue. Once that time period ran out, the technology was "in the public domain."  The patent coverage monopoly was over and anyone can use the technology.


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