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Testing hydraulic pump


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Having a 5hp hydraulic pump givin to me in trade for a little labor. It is pump and motor only. The guy bought it used as a working unit but has never used it. Is there an economical way to test the unit without buying valves and hoses? Most likely won't build a press if this unit is doa and would rather avoid buying parts that won't be used if pump is not good.

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Probably the best way is to just take it to a hydraulic shop and get it put on a test bed then there is no risk of damaging the pump/motor/or your self this will incur a cost but if the unit was free its an investment in the future use. A more risky way is to eyeball the gears of the pump for any scoring or dents in the gears, DO NOT conect it up with out a relief valve and pressure gauge and have the relief backed out so you can work up to a pressure setting. The max pressure/ model serial number is usually on a lable or engraved on the pump body. Take it to a hydraulic place is the best bet Cheers Beaver

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