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I Forge Iron

Hello from Cold Springs, Ontario, Canada

Matthew Roy

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Hello from the great white north!


Ive only been forging for about 3 months, but I am an apprentice Ironworker/ Welder with IW local 721 in Toronto, so I get to work with steel all day everyday! I'm looking forward to gaining some insight and knowledge from all of you experienced blacksmiths... and maybe hearing the odd joke or two.

Thanks for letting me join your merry ranks!

Take care out there!


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Welcome to Glenn's front porch! Well acualy as we have spilled out into the yard and taken over the street it's more of a block party! 

You will find that smithing will teach you things about steel that your day job won't, it also brings skills and knowledge to your day job. 

Again welcome abourd, you will find the strait jackets on the right, meds on the left, only one thing, leave my crayons alone!

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Welcome: check the OABA website, it is the Ontario chapter of Artistic blacksmiths. search for Ontario blacksmiths Association (hope i can post this).

On November 18 there is a meeting in nearby Ancaster.  Making tongs is the theme. hope to see you there.

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