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  1. This one was 3 phase 575 shorted to ground. You would have to re wind it some how to reuse it 1phase Then you have to consider the Amos you are going to draw.
  2. Thanks for the advice! When it's spring, i can clean out the garage and build my forge. I think i will try to make a sheet metal hammer with it. Started to take the 10 HP motor apart today and it's going to be a real pain to get the shaft out of the core. Mike
  3. Great idea! It will be the best part of your planning. My wife and i made our wedding rings at a workshop in Toronto, Ontario. So many people would tell us you have to do this, you have to do that when wedding planning. It was the only thing we had total control over. Good luck Mike
  4. I found this link. http://www.steelforge.com/aisi-1045/ The tempering is around 700 degrees. Well above what my kitchen oven goes up to. Unless there is a way to temper metal with a torch or in your forge.
  5. Did you ever get set up. Just researching my own forge in Toronto now.
  6. Hey Mathew, I'm an HVAC mechanic in Toronto with ua local 787, did you build a home forge? I just stumbled across this site a couple of months ago. Mike
  7. Thanks for the information
  8. I was planning on making a box with it, and pointing the burner in through the top. Still not sure what the dimensions were going to be. I got it at a great price so i wanted to make the most of it. Still reading the forums to get a guage of what kind or what size of burner to put in.
  9. Thought i should call the HVAC wholesaler where i got my refractory to see what it was rated for. I was told 1250 F continuous. They couldn't tell me what it was called. Do i need to line or wrap it with Koa wool, or plan on a smaller forge and double up my 2inch bricks? Mike
  10. Nope. Not likely in Toronto.
  11. I am in Toronto Ontario I'm a HVAC mechanic and have had to install duct work, or change it over the years. So I'm no stranger to sheet metal. I kind of thought it would be a unique forge given my work background.
  12. I'm building a home/hobby forge and i got 4 pieces of fiber refractory pieces for replacing fire brick in boilers through work, 15*19*2. It just has to be cured and it should harden. Can I use beaded sheet metal to encase it? I've been reading if it heats up above 200 degrees Celsius it could give off zinc poisoning. Any suggestions on walls for the forge as i don't own a welder? I don't think it would get that hot, but i thought i would get some opions. Thanks Mike
  13. Thanks for the feed back. I'm open to all suggestions. That's why I posted. I've only brazed copper tubing and done a one day black smith work shop. I'm an HVAC mechanic with oxi acetaline torches if there was a need for some isolated or edge quenching. I'll double check with the Sensei, but for safety reasons I think most of the swords in class have a dull edge. I've never heard, be careful I don't want to cut you from the other students. That's why i probably wouldn't need a heat treatment other than personal preference.