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New postvise stand

Lionel h

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Cool idea. If I were going to improve on that, I would do 2 things:

1 move the wheels toward the main post a bit more

2 Put a handle above the wheels so you could pull back on it onto the wheels like a hand- truck instead of lifting from the front.



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I agree that the wheels seem to be a bit too far out, but you are the one using it and moving it. 

If it is me using it I would have to have that plate at the front extending not only at the front but both sides, ... but that is me using the post vice all around it, and I would also stumble on the wheels ... :)

I have a "mobile" bench vice mounted on a tripod similar to the one used for anvils. It's a Peter Wright bench vice mounted on a 1/2 inch plate on 3 legs out of 6x2" RHS 1/4" thick. The front legs are at 70 degree angle and the back leg is at 60 degrees. I borrowed a Dumbbell from my son in law, cut the handle and welded it to the leg and slide two weights on it to keep the vice from moving since the centre of gravity is at the front. It works and to move it I can take the weights off and drag it around a bit. If I need to put it away (I don't) I can use a trolley for that. 

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Thanks for the comments , the stand on plate I hold with one hand after I pull up on the handle ,so I can move it easier. The wheels are back that far so they don't contact the ground until I tilt it back to move it. But Stach's  idea to make it like a hand truck is one I will look into.  Any more ideas ? 

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