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Help identifying anvil

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I've done a lot of boring reading of businesses in England while trying to track down makers of old tools and anvils.  Google books has loads of old English census data and lists of businesses in various areas.  It is fun to identify makers and then track them by name.  The Wilkinsons are tricky because there were a few of them and it isn't clear if they were all related.  A couple ended up in debtors prison.  I've tried to untangle the Wilkinson web before.  Still, I never remember all the details...but I always remember where I got them so it's easy to go back and reread.

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You will just have to wirebrush it until you find the English hundred weight marks on it.  There will be three numbers across the waist of the anvil.  They will be spaced apart from each other.  There is plenty of information online to figure out what they mean...but a bathroom scale is pretty darned effective if you can't find it.

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