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Metal artist workshop layout

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I'm pretty happy with my workshop layout so this question is more for curiosity rather than reference and is aimed at people who consider themselves metal artists rather than blacksmiths. Equally interested in people's answers even if you don't incorporate hot forging in your work.

How does your workshop layout differ to a "typical" blacksmith's workshop? Pictures would be of interest. For example is the recognizable triangle of forge - anvil - vise still the heart of your operation, or could it be your bench, your welder and 15 grinders?

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The work triangle applies to almost any craft requiring the space. A jeweler might not need more than a generous bench and stool but a cabinet maker needs room to maneuver. Material racks by the shop door, saws, planers, sanders, assembly space and finishing space. 

Metal art will require a similar list of tools and shop equipment. Stock racks, cutting, bending, welding, grinding, finishing. 

On the other hand a metal artist may invest a huge amount of work in smaller projects, I have an internet friend who makes or made gauntlets that were like pieces of jewelry you wear like a glove. Stunning work but only takes a relatively small space. It's almost all bench work except maybe polishing but I've never asked him about his shop space.

I've known bladesmiths who worked out of a closet, literally. Others who occupied 1,200 sq.ft and not waste space. 

In any case I've looked at with interest in layout they used the basic work triangle premise. 1 pace between tools that are used in conjunction or about 6'. 

Frosty The Lucky.

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