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Left Hand Coffin Bowie


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Ok so not the coffin bowie you were expecting, the guard is coffin shaped (customer is a funeral director giving as a gift to another funeral director...)

Why left hand? Well I forged the blade blank right handed (like I normally do, since I'm a righty) and then shortly after that I shattered a bone in my right hand so I finished the knife primarily left handed. Still a little final polishing to do here and there, some mistakes that I made I can't fix, at least not in the time I have left, so this is pretty much the finished product. 

1095, deer antler and forged bronze.

14" overall, 7-1/2" blade. 






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Thank you all very much, I appreciate the kind words. 

Jasent, the guard and pommel are silicon bronze (655 to be exact). I have a huge 2-1/2" diameter rod of it that I slice pieces off of and Forge into whatever I'm in need of. So much fun forging bronze, I've really fallen in love with the stuff. 

I'm really not a big fan of this knife to be honest. It's probably my least favorite so far. The handle seems too big (or the blade is just smaller than what I typically make?) or the lines, something... I don't know what. It came out ok, but it's not breaking my heart to hand it over to the customer, which is usually the case with me lol. 

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