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blu110 power hammer

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I used a BluMax 155 or whatever a couple times, I thought it was pretty decent... people talk bad about those hammers sometimes, but in my opinion if it is indeed in good shape at $4k it seems like a great deal.  I'd pick it up if I were you, sooner than later.  You can barely buy a working LG50 for $4K these days....

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I have a 155 Blu Max and would not be without it.  I would jump on a 110 for $4.000.00.  What dies and tooling come with it?  Where are you located?  Does it have the duel limit switches?  If not and you are close enough you could probably take it to BigBlu in Morganton, NC to have that added at minimal cost.

Let me know if I can help you.


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I am thinking to buy a blumax 155. Being a French citizen, I want to make sure that I will be able to perform the maintenance.

Wayne, have you got a spare parts list for the blumax 155? It would be helpful in order to see if I can find all the components in France. You can send it in a private message.


Thank you in advance.


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