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I Forge Iron

Apprentice Smith in B.C.

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Welcome aboard new guy glad to have you. Got a name? If you'll put your general location in the header you might be surprised how many Iforge guys live within visiting distance. Without knowing where you are how can anybody suggest folk to contact? Don't tell us it's in the subject we forget the subject line when we open a post, let alone after we open another.

There's a skill involved in asking meaningful questions. To answer anything in a meaningful way the folk who'd LIKE to answer them have to know enough.  For example I subscribe to a Car forum and as an opening post I ask, "my car's running rough, how do I fix it?"

It's impossible to answer in any way that won't be taken as snarky, say, "take it to a mechanic." just gets you flamed by the trolls.

So, fill us in please. What do you have in your kit: anvil, forge, hammers, tongs, etc.? What have you made? Where are you going to set up? What do you want to make? And so on.

Frosty The Lucky.

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Thanks for the replies, 

My name is Kaden, I'm from B.C. Canada(roundabouts Vancouver). My preference would be in going into artisanal blacksmithing and/or bladesmithing, but I'm also interested in other types of smithing. Currently I'm running a coal forge that I built out of my backyard, I have several rail anvils, and one 250lb anvil which I need to reface. As for for tools I'm using several basic smithing hammers, a couple of ball-peens, and several sledges of varying sizes. Got a couple of hardy tools and some basic drifts and tongs. I've made some knives and some tomahawks, couple of spears one time, basic hooks and hearts, various tools, and I made copper roses awhile back.

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