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I joined a while ago, then let myself get caught up doing life stuff. I'm hoping to get more time to watch and listen here again. I have catching up to do in all my hobbies. I'm in western CT, and always looking for more things to learn

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Thanks, Glenn. That's kind of the plan. My problem is sticking with one thing without jumping around. Thanks to you too, Frosty. I recognize your handle from before, and your location. It's a future hopeful destination. I'd really like to get up there for the Iditarod. It wasn't anything tragic, thanks. My feeble mind is easily led astray, and I let myself get caught up . Now it's time to put more effort into my hobbies. Blacksmithing, whitesmithing, woodworking, stationary engines, tractors. The list is long, boring to everyone except the people on my forums

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Glad there were no disasters. If you head up this way give a shout. If we start getting enough snow again, the race crosses our road about 1.5 miles from here and Iditarod Headquarters is about 5 miles. It's a good season for northern lights too.

Frosty The Lucky.

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