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Wanted to know if anyone has used K-Bond Refractory Mortar for coating ceramic blanket

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I wanted to know if anyone has used K-Bond Refractory Mortar to coat the inside of their propane forge ceramic blanket.

Below is a link to the ebay's seller's offer.

Mortar Cement K-Bond Wet 3000F Thermal Ceramic Fiber Firebrick Forge Kiln 2 lbs

This looks like it will work just wanted to get some input.  Seems like it is a reasonable price for $32

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No, mortar is NOT a hard refractory suitable for the flame face inner liner in a forge. It's MORTAR, it's for sticking things like: bricks, stones, tile, etc. together, think Elmer's glue. Even in close joints it degrades when exposed to furnace temps and so erodes back. It's just fine where it sticks the bricks, blocks, etc. to the furnace shell.

Frosty The Lucky.

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