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Wondering what year this Trenton anvil was manufactured

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Grandpa & me today went to an Amish Auction in southeast Nebraska & he was a welder for years all the way up until he was about 74 or 75, xxxx xxx xxx! Well anyway he's got a real liking for these anvils & is smart enough to know they are xxxx hard to come by, so today he got a 150lb Trenton for $200. It's in okay shape not great but I don't see any USA stamp omit, the numbers on it read (hard to make out, you may not be able to see it) but it reads on the left "W 150" which we both presume is weight 150lbs. Then on the right it says "A410 18" there is a space between that 0 & the 18 does that last part signify the year is it 1918 you think? And he was wondering if he got a decent deal for what he paid for the price? Is Trenton one of the better anvils or just middle of the road? He said Peter Wright, he thought was one of the best? Was curious if you guys could inform us on manufacture year, some cool facts or anything you got, all is welcome! Thanks for reading & your time!





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That's a beautiful anvil for an even more beautiful deal!  Trenton anvils tend to be highly regarded.  I have no experience using one and, honestly, can't remember what others have reported about them.  Either way, paying $1.50 per pound is scrap prices in some places.  It is an amazing deal.

As a note, this forum has high expectations for cleanliness.  The moderators like to say that you should be co fortable having children read the posts.  While you weren't being vulgar, I can assure you the moderators will remove one word from your post!

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A top American made anvil brand; wouldn't need a USA stamping as it wasn't imported into the USA, most of them were made in Columbus Ohio. They were not date stamped; that is the serial number which Anvils in America has a list of by dates:

410 18 would be 1903  I do not think there is a missing number as the list only goes to slightly above 200000.

probably worth at *least* *double* what you paid for it---given it passes the ball bearing test.

BTW there is a weight stamp on the left hand side of the front foot: 150 pounds

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