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I Forge Iron

Mystery steel and maple burl


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Good afternoon  friends. 

Here's a couple of pics of my latest creation.     It's mystery steel blade, water quenched and triple tempered to 425 degree. File tested and chop a 4x4 block into, scales are double dyed maple burl with carbon fiber thong hole and anchor pins. The blade was fully sharpened before the quinch and temper process. After tempering the cutting edge was polished to a mirror finish with 1200 grit paper. After installing  the scales and during final finish the blade was stropped to a razor finish. 




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Oh my ...

I absolutely love it! Fantastic job. 

Did you forge the gut hook?

The only thing I can see that I don't care for (and it's really just personal preference) is the big hump in the middle of the handle. But that's minor, it looks awesome. 

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Thanks friends.  I hammered the protruding area out then used a saw file to cut the gut hook out.  The hump in the handle is actually comfortable especially when it's turned around useing the hook. It gives a place for the Palm of your hand to rest and gives great leverage. It's a little big in the hand but the man I made it for has fairly large hands, so it should fit him good. It would be to much for small hands tho. The blade is 6 5/8 long. 

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