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I Forge Iron

Hey y'all from Noth Carolina

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Just wanted to drop a line to say what a ridiculously good site this is. There is so much information on here I doubt I will ever get through it. I haven't started forging yet, I've been trying to do research and learn about the art before getting wrapped around the axle and actually trying my hand at the hard stuff. I haven't yet joined ABANA yet but that is high on the priority list  

That being said, if there are any smiths near Cary NC that will allow a wannabe to look over their shoulder and they work, so to speak, please let me know. 

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To start with I want to concentrate on practical bits for my wife for around the house. I figure, keep her happy and she won't have much of a problem with me getting lost at the forge for a few hours whereas if I tried to jump into bladesmithing she would likely say I'm wasting time. I want to spread out and create things for family and friends, again practical, useful things that they can get years of use out of. I really want to make sets of drawer/cabinet pulls that look like what are in my grandparents house, they bring back such fond memories from my time as a kid and I want something like that for my kids and others. I'll surely create a knife or three for family/friends as  gifts. I guess depending on if I can get to a certain level of skill I can see myself renting a booth at the local fleamarket once or twice a year and trying to sell handmade, locally sourced shiny bits. 

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