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Help Me Decide On School Or Not  

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  1. 1. DO I Attend Welding School, or Find Someone To Train Under?

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Hey there, my name Is Jeffrey Renfer and like the title says, I'm looking to learn the blacksmith craft. I currently live in Johnson City, Tennessee and am in search of someone who would like an apprentice or shop hand. My current plan was to attend TCAT in Elizabethton and take part in their welding program. After that I was going to seek out my apprenticeship. However, I'm now wondering if the right approach is to learn from a veteran instead of shelling out around $4,000 for a certificate and not a degree. Any help is appreciated and if you happen to be reading this and are currently looking for an apprentice then just message me . Thank you in advance for reading this and I look forward to contributing to this community.


As a side note, I have experience working with metals in a studio environment from a local community college. I also want to say that all advice is welcome. After reading through the forums, my intro makes me seem too forward. Honestly I have the itch just like many newcomers, and I want to learn as much as possible (hence the countless books I've been reading and research Ive been doing.).

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Welcome aboard Jeffrey, glad to have you. If you're looking for an apprenticeship in blacksmithing it's not an American thing since WWII. Some come up now and then but you almost never hear of one.

My advice is learn welding, a certified welder is only ever out of work because s/he isn't looking or isn't willing to travel. It's an excellent trade now that PPE includes metal fumes and such haz mats. It's good to have a paycheck job to support blacksmithing till you develop a marketable name and product line. . . Brand(?)

What do you have in mind to learn to make, there are a number of pretty broad categories, here are a couple few: Architectural, Decorative, hardware, tools, restoration, recreation. 

What kind of metal work did you do in college? It all helps.

Frosty The Lucky.

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Bristol TN:  Bristol Forge – Meets the second Sunday of each month at 1:30 pm at Rocky Mount State Park Historic Site.

Join the group and attend meetings.  You will not only see demonstrations, you will be able to get in the fire and meet other blacksmiths.

Let me know how I can help you again.



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