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I Forge Iron

Again, another question.


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Mine are just commercially sourced blowers of the type used for inflating childrens bouncy castles. As you are in USA I would suggest:
A shop vac which will blow as well as suck. Probably no need to buy a new one though.
For a small set up maybe a hair drier.
I heard of one guy trying one of the hot air hand driers like you get in a public toilet.
Imagination is the thing. You will find something, probably free, if you work at it long enough. Stuff like the above is good for a bottom draft forge as all the heat is going away from it. Be more careful if you construct a side draft though as the tuyere will get hotter and might lead to damage to the blower so either use a water cooled tuyere or make sure there is a long pipe between that and the blower.

I regulate the speed on mine by connecting them through a dimmer switch. It is cheap, simple and it works.

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Harbor freight has a 1 hp. 914 cfm. dust collector for $ 84.00 and it made agreat blower. I added a flow gate I made, very easy because outlet is round and an electric speed control. I have used also squirrel cage type blowers I have salvaged from vent hoods and circulator fans.

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Go to some hammer-ins, there's usually a blower or two in the tailgate sections. Become friends with your local second hand store proprietor. Tell them what you want, and leave your card. I have a friend who has serious yard sale addiction disorder (YSAD). I can't afford to buy therapy for him, so instead, he usually has a hundred dollars of mine tucked in his wallet. I don't have time to hit all the sales, he can't avoid them, it works out fine for everybody. Last year he got a champion 400 blower w/stand for $3, small power drag hacksaw for $15, etc. etc

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Phillip in China--I've never checked the specs on the blower. It is the most air adjustable I've seen tho without changing the motor speed. On an oil furnace the fuel is fed at the center of the air gate and there is enough pressure to mist the oil as it injects it into the burner. My fire pot is 5" deep by 8" across and opening the air gate wide open for a couple of minutes will make a hole up thru the fire looking like a jet engine.

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