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NWBA Conference 05/12/2017 - 05/14/2017

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NWBA Conference 05/12/2017 - 05/14/2017


David Lisch: assembly shaping and grinding techniques used in knife making,  Damascus and pattern development discussion.

Maegan E. Crowley: sheet metal, and structural hollow materials.

Hands-On Classes: beginner, intermediate and advanced hands on classes

Metallurgy Seminar

Bronze pour demo on  Sunday with Matt Moore

Repoussé Station

Gallery: bring your works to display in our gallery, show off your latest.

Auction: support the NWBA with an entry into the auction, something hand-made, materials, tools or services. Anything of value that can be sold at our auction.

Black Smoke Alley: bring your solid fuel forge and set up in Black Smoke Alley to demonstrate and offer hands on experiences, or just enjoy forging at your own setup during the conference.


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I had a great time. The demonstrators were good. David Lisch - fantastic demos and entertaining as well. The hands on classes very helpful and interesting, as were the side conversations.

Recommend looking up your local blacksmithing association, join and go to the events, hammer-ins, workshops, they offer.

Already looking forward to the next event.

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