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Clay lining for firepot

philip in china

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I have made a portable forge so I can do some work on site away from my brick and distinctly non portable forge. The firepot is about 8" diameter and about 6" deep with a healthy bottom draft.

I would like to put a thermal liner in it to reduce degradation of the steel. The work I shall be heating in it will only be small stuff so the reduction in size of an already small pot doesn't matter too much.

Would a 1/2" layer of clay be OK? Would it stick being so thin? I had thought also of mixing in some chainsaw sawdust or other small finely divided vegetable matter to add porosity and, thereby, increase thermal insulation.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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I find that usually a lineing is more of a pain than its worth... ive been useing a portable forge I made of 14 gague steel for years without a lineing and its been working fine . the problem with the clay lineings is that the clinkers stick to it and make a mess of it .. but if you want to line it then 1/2 inch should work . Have fun!

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low sulphur coal should not leach out sulphuric acid when you pack you fire with water.
I've read the old timers used salt and clay mix to line their forge with..I tried this years ago seemed to work ok I left the forge out all the time with just a garbage can lid to cover the fire pot. the only thing that seemed to rot out way the grate. if you want to raise the higth use some fire bricks around the edge. if you get it too deep you might need a bigger blower . forgot to say I use rock salt (ice cream) mixed with the clay

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