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Our first anvil - 100lb (cast?)

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Went picking today in the barn of a local farmer who is selling his property. This is the same guy I bought the wrought iron fence from last week.

The anvil is 100lbs and definitely smaller than we're looking for long term, but it was available, has a good face and was a reasonable price.


We hit it with a twisted wire cup to clean the crud (we'll add or own crud thank you :) and to see if there were any markings


The only I could see were on the bottom  1 1 1 8 which indicated to me that it likely has a cast iron base (as the letters are raised)


I soaked it up real well in 3in1 Oil (my go to) and will let it drink up as much as it can before rubbing it in again and wiping it down.




It was interesting to see that the table and top of the horn both appear to have a hard face as well...i somehow didn't know they did this on anvils


I scored some other cool stuff as well but I make a different thread for that.

I welcome any info anyone might have on this little guy.


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Hey, 100 lbs isn't bad at all. That baby's in amazing shape. I've seen a few unmarked anvils that looked just like Vulcans, and I'm not sure if they are actually Vulcans, but they are made the same way. Yes, the horn is faced with tool steel. Cast iron, steel faced anvils generally had tool steel over the horn due to the brittleness of cast iron. Though, not as nice as a forged or cast steel anvil, anvils like that ARE definitely anvils and not ASOs. 

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