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Bowie knife


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Hello, I present you the knife I made early January.

Its a 7/5" long and 1/4" thick bowie knife,  leaf spring blade with a mild steel hand guard and butt cap , copper and leather washers in the handle.

 Due to previous problems with the tip snaping , I've quenched the blade in warm vegeteble oil and temperd to dark brown what resultad in a very strong knife. Sheat is made from 6 and 3mm cow leather with burnt in engravings: a tribal and the Karma simbol.IMG_20170111_195435.thumb.jpg.ac10057ff1560f9910c8ea0dd6c23b91.jpgIMG_20170408_130004.thumb.jpg.70a512e1e29cf2b7a3194377e52201a6.jpgIMG_20170130_201535.thumb.jpg.4f99aae7d06441d24ec51d7ffb3d21b4.jpgIMG_20170408_130004.thumb.jpg.70a512e1e29cf2b7a3194377e52201a6.jpg









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I hate to be the bringer of bad news, but that slot in the tang is going to cause the tang to snap off Major stress riser, I strongly suggest you take that apart and weld it closed before someone gets hurt from the structurally weak build.  The finish looks nice, so that part is off to a good start..

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The knife looks good, and the sheath, I really like. But Steve is right (as if that needed to be verified) that is definitely a stress riser. I would listen to him if I were you. If that knife sees any sort of heavy use (which it's a Bowie, it will) that thing may end up in two pieces, with the sharp end potentially coming for somebodies face/arm/chest etc.

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