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440-C in a Pattern Weld?


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For those who have ventured into stainless damascus, I have some 440C that I bought for grinding practice. I have a few small pieces left over, too small for blades but perfect for a billet. I have tried welding stainless billets before but run into compatability issues mixing stainless with softer steels(5160,1095,A36). I do have a fair stock of 304, but would prefer something that would harden, though this is kind of a lark- just to see if I can do it. would higher alloy stuff like H-13,D-2,A-6,M-2 possibly be better? What about 52100? I have some 420 would that even give any contrast?

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can welds. My past attempts show good adhesion but seperate durring forging. I had 3/16 440 layered with 3/4" 5160 in one billet. The end result had the 440 layers still nearly 3/16 and the 5160 at around 1/2 at the point of failure.That billet became part of Billy Merritt's collection of pattern weld  samples. The two just flow differently. I am thinking a harder higher alloy would do better


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Might try welding to a straight carbon steel too as I've found tricky stuff welds better to plan stuff than other chromium containing steels.

The difference in hot hardness makes a big difference working it too; as it puts a lot of shear on the welds.

Billy probably could have welded it outside in a thunderstorm using a bic lighter for the heat...  His stepping up at an IBA conference to fill in for a Demonstrator that couldn't make it at the last minute sure helped my pattern welding along; must be about 20 years ago now.

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