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Firepot question on new forge build


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My original plan was to build a brake drum forge, but after taking my first blacksmithing class recently, I decided to copy the design of the class room forges. Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to measure the firepot during the class and it will be a while before I can get back for another class. From what I can remember, the firepots looked similar to one of these design mock-ups:


They are both 8"x10" at the top opening. The one on the left is 4" deep and has a 4"x6" bottom. The one on the right is 5" deep and has a 4"x4" bottom. Are there any advantages or disadvantages to either design? My goal is to build something versatile so I can forge small diameter pieces as well as pieces up to 1.5" or 2".  I will be using the same good quality smithing coal we used in class from the same source. I will be welding the firepot together myself, so I can make any adjustments as required. Comments or criticism welcome. Thanks!


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